How To Use Yoast Seo Plugins Properly To Rank The First Page Of Google


Do you want to increase your blog traffics?, Yes or No. But I think it is yes for you to be in hast to read this content. This which will give you the insight of how you can use Yoast seo plugins properly for seo optimization.

How To Use Yoast Seo Plugins Properly

Hello friends, today is the day that I want to show you on how you can use your free  plugins you have in your wordpress site to out rank other sites on google.


Nowadays, many blogger run to worpdress just because of the advantages of the great seo tools on wordpress.


You can start to leverage your blog contents to the search engines worlds with the use of this awesome plugins.


Now before I go the deep down on how to effectively use this plugins, I must tell you he usefulness of the tool aside from the help of boosting the seo of your site. There are still some other factors that this awesome tools always work for.

use yoast seo plugins well

What is The Usefulness Of Yoast Seo Plugin Aside From the fact of boosting your site contents on Google.


What are the usefulness of this search engines optimization tools


It is used to teach you on how to write a seo friendly contents


Sometimes many people thought that this wordpress popular tool is for boosting your site contents.


I think you know the the wordpress popular tool I meant, I don’t just want to stuff the keyword the in this article to avoid being black listed by google.


So now, the tool has the potential to crawl your contents initially without hitting publish,. It will teach you on how to write your contents very well and also teach on how to insert your focus keywords.


Let me start by listing all what this plugins will teach you.


  • This Plugins Will Teach You On How To Make Use Your Focus keywords:


Most times, many bloggers don’t know how to successfully use their focus keywords in their articles.


They don’t know how choose the keywords to use in their articles. In my previous content, I wrote on how to increase a website ranking on search engines.


From that content, I mention some words which are referred to stop words. Those words discourages search engines from crawling the contents properly. It will make it very hard for search engines to know what the contents  is all about.


They can’t understand cause you know that those things are not a human being. If it should be a human. It will be very easy for them to know what your contents is all about.


But robot will only work according to the way the author have programmed it.

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Do You know how to use yoast seo plugins properly?


If no, I am going to teach you how you can go about that now.

Firstly, there are some parameters below the add new post page, and more so you need to satisfy the results it will generate. If you are good with it, I mean of you use the plugins well. You will be able to rank for more keywords in the search engines result page.


How To Use Yoast Premium Plugins To Create A Content That WIll Rank More On Search Engines


  1. Add images to your texts
  2. Make sure you use alt tags to your images
  3. Write more than 300 words in your page.
  4. Make sure you always make the corner post content to be a page.
  5. Make sure you insert a Out bound link
  6. Make sure you Always do internal linking.
  7. Make sure you always insert your keywords where it suppose to be. Like, I will be writing on that in my next article.
  8. Make sure you edit the snipshet and insert the proper meta data.
  9. Make sure you insert your keyword in your meta data.
  10. Make sure you have at least 2000 words in your most contents for beter ranking.
  11. Make sure you don’t engage yourself in copy and paste.
  12. Make sure you don’t use a downloaded images or else you have edit it initilally from your system.
  13. Make sure you Add a table of content for better understanding from search egnines.
  14. Make sure you alwasy submit a sitemap to google every time you published a new article on your blog.
  15. Make sure you have some brain storming contents on your site before thinking of ranking.
  16. Make sure you don’t have some typographical errors, because search engines web crawler can take that content to be bots own.
  17. Make sure you link to posts that has higher ranking on google and also link back to your site.
  18. Make sure you develope the contents very well.our heading tags very ell.
  19. Be very sure that you use your focus keyword in your heafings.
  20. Let you Focus Keyword be in your H1 and H2 tags.
  21. Make sure you the keyword density reaches 1% and higher. If you don’t know what keyword density is. I will explain to you now.

This keyword density is the one that will indicate the amount of time the keyword has been used in the post.


Make sure that You don’t use this following tags to define your post focus keyword


B for bold tags

I for Italics tag


But use,

Strong for bold tags

Use em for italics tags

Use the underline for your focus keywords sometimes if you don’t know what to use instead of stuffing your keywords every where.


Make sure you count your contents well before stuffing the keywords in your article.

You can just space it to be in between 120 to 300 words. Like me, I do use it every 300 words, cause I don’t want google to ban me.


Make sure you don’t just use your keywords anyhow.


Use your keywords in the first paragraph and the last paragraph of your post.


Conclusion on where to use your focus keywords.

  • Use it in description tags
  • Use it in heading 1 and heading 2 tags.
  • Use it in the first 100 words.
  • Use it in your Post link
  • Use it at the last 100 words of your article.


Post length Conclusion

Make sure you write a well detailed contents, so as to rank fast on google result page.

Your post length will also determine how detailed your contents are. How reliable it is for google to bring visitors to your page.

Make sure you always check the load time of your page. You don’t just stuff keywords here an there. Use it reasonable.






So now, you are done with How To Use Yoast Seo Plugins Properly


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