The Wifi Dream: Learn the new strategy of business today and start earning $9,888 per hour

“The Wifi Dream”

WE DID IT…we did what society says is Crazy, Absurd and Risky!

My girlfriend and I got rid of Everything, sold our cars, and downsized to one luggage each…

We left the United States, flew halfway across the planet and started our worldwide travels here in Thailand!

Together we’ve started a journey that people only dream of…

The greatest part is that I only have to ‘check’ on my business 1-2 hours per day!

Now I know what you’re thinking….

… “Well yeh Todd you’ve been an online marketer for years of course you can just up and go…”

My answer to that is… yeah, if only they knew how much my business was running my life…

I was completely burnt out and everyday felt like the infamous rat race.

I was chained to my business and taking in less money than what I deserved from my clients…

Over and over, I was attracting the wrong clients who’d demand all of my time and then complain that it wasn’t enough.

The worst part was I was afraid to let go of the unqualified clients…

Because of it my health suffered, I wasn’t eating well and barely made it to the gym (the one thing that kept me sane).

It was really taking a toll on my relationships and the time spent with family and friends…

This ‘job’ I had needed to come to a STOP and fast!

I began to think about all the online marketing skills I acquired over the last 9 years…

You name it I’ve done it – affiliate marketing, selling high ticket products, email marketing and selling traffic…

All were wildly successful because they had ONE thing in common….

“The Wifi Dream”


Then that’s when it HIT me!

I couldn’t believe I didn’t realize it sooner, my success in the online industry was due to automation and having the right systems in place to leverage and do the heavy lifting for me.

This epiphany led me back to the drawing board and day in and day out I furiously started putting the right pieces in place to automate my coaching business…

Before I knew it I had a lead generation system in place working on autopilot 24/7…

I began implementing this automated funnel system strategy that enabled me to attract high quality clients on demand, increase my sales conversion rates, and finally provide the foundation to scale my business like crazy!

Before I knew it, I was scaling my coaching business to 6-figure months with ease.

These automated systems blasted my income to 7-figures in just one year.

Fast forwarding to that day in the Fall of 2017, when my girlfriend and I decided to take our businesses on the road, we thought to ourselves “this automation stuff can help coaches and consultants not get crushed by their businesses …”

So many people kept asking us, “how are you going to maintain a coaching business overseas and let alone find new clients!?”

That’s when our new brand The Wifi Dream was born.

We created this brand off the principles of wanting to teach other business owners how to avoid the same pitfalls we went through and implement automation into their businesses….

Simply put, our goal with The Wifi Dream is to breed a new generation of coaches and consultants who can have their dream lifestyle and business too!!

Whether your dream lifestyle looks like traveling the world like us or just having more time and freedom in your life, our goal is to teach you how to automate 90% of your coaching business NOW and not later.

Together, we spent the last few weeks before our departure to Thailand furiously putting together a free online training that shows you exactly what it takes to bring your coaching business to a mean automation machine!

Our free training shows you how to implement these automation strategies which have been the foundation of not only our success, but several of our clients as well.

If you’re a coach or consultant desperately seeking more freedom, register for free here:

In this free web class, we’ll show our #1 strategy: How To Replicate Our $9,997 Per Day Automated Funnel Without Being An Expert Or Breaking The Bank…

And on this FREE training we’ll be breaking down how it works, and demonstrating the 3 must know SECRETS:

– How we make more money with a simple 3-step funnel process versus complex funnels with 7 steps
– How we ETHICALLY swipe our competitors traffic, and send their customers through our funnel
– How we only need to generate a small amount of leads to make this whole automated system work!

Register for our FREE training today, simply by clicking the link below.
Our class might be removed offline in the next couple of hours; this is a one off opportunity to go behind the scenes with your ‘Wifi Dream’ mentors.

Click Here To Register For Our Upcoming Webclass:

To Your Success,

“The Wifi Dream”

Note: At the end of the training, We’ll will be making an offer for people who want to work more closely with us and The Wifi Dream team to get help with implementing the skills they learned on the training and more. This is completely optional. The training lasts about 90 minutes and if you don’t want to work more closely with us, no hard feelings at all. The training will be holding NOTHING back and you will be able to implement what you learn right away on your own.


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