The begineers guild to a successful blogging

Hello blogger, this lesson you are about to read is a complete article written on a topic The beginner guild to a successful bloggingWhy many blogger failed to fulfil their intention when they were preparing for this blogging journey is because they lack the full understanding on how to be a successful blogger, this is also a mistake I have ever make in blogging or let me say “online business”. This article you are reading  is fully detailed because it had been what I have passed through when I started blogging journey. So sit and rest your back to read this beautiful post…

I am writing from experience

In glance I will let you know what you will learn in this lesson. Firstly you will learn

 –> how to choose a profitable niches
 –> best web hosting company
 –> high paying niche in google AdSense
  –> how to choose a good domain name

So now, I will be taking it one by one with full explanation.

How To Choose A Profitable Niche.

Most of the factors that hindered many bloggers when blogging is their inability to choose a niche that will profit them.

And there are somethings you will need to consider when you want to choose a profitable niche. I will list out all the things you must consider before choosing a blog niche.

  • –> The niche has advertisers: The only and the best listed way to make money blogging is through advert, one of the thing Google AdSense considers before accepting your blog is “is there an advertisers for this blog niche. make sure the niche you are about to blog on has advertisers.
  • –> Has physical product:This is almost the same with the previous explanation, if you are blogging on a niche that has no related physical product to sell, no one will ever want to place an advert on your blog. To let you understand me, I will like to list out the disadvantages on blogging on a niche that has no related product.

1. No Company will want to place advert on your blog, or else you have huge traffic.

2. You will not be able to promote any product on your blog.

3. Google AdSense may not approve your blog. But if you have huge traffic, I mean enormous traffic, the only thing is just that you may not make huge money from that traffic.

 Low competition Many of us like to blog on what will give us less stress, we like to follow some pattern which are not meant to be so…

 New bloggers like to start an entertainment and news blog. This as just been common to all up coming bloggers. Note that before you can make money from Entertainment and News blog, you need to have patient and huge traffic. Search for low competition blog niches to start yours.

High Interest Globally And From Your Country

 Make sure you look for niche that high number of interest where you reside and also globally.

Not Restricted To One Product

Make sure you don’t blog on one brand product, like a blogger that want to start blogging on infix phone products, but what if infinix has give space in the market, you will have to set-up a new blog for other product, and also know that, the older your blog the better it ranks on Google.

 Make sure it not a seasoner blog 

 Always consider this when you want to choose a niche to start blogging on. Don’t let your blog only make you money during festival period, like Christmas or Easter period. Know that if you only focus on this periods, you will to fast for 365 days before making another money from your blog. So think wise and wide.

 Write original articles 

Make sure your blog is not weighed with copied contents. Plsss, do not involve in copy cart…pls…

 The beginner guild to a successful blogging

Choose The Best web hosting company 

The most crucial part in blogging world is to host on a best company. Most of the problem faced by many bloggers is their inability to choose the best web hosting. There are still some factors you will need to know when choosing a hosting company, but I will not list it here it will be in my next article, so for you to stay tuned subscribe to this blog by submitting your email address. Best web hosting i will give you for now

 unlimited space
 1gb cloud space
 Unlimited band with Free DNS
 Free Domain Name

 2. web hosting with cheap .com @0.99$
 5. free domain name

You can also host on blogger, unlimited bandwidth and free unlimited space.

The beginner guild to a successful blogging

 Choose High paying niche in Google AdSense 

There is different between make money online and make huge money online. If you just want to make money online.. Stop reading here, but if you want to make huge money online, then continue with me.

The factors you need to implement before you can make money online is to choose high paying niche in Google AdSense.

 To cut the story short, I will like to list the most high paying niche in Google AdSense here

 1. Health
2. Law
3. Make Money Online
4. Insurance
5. Online degrees
 6. Fashion
7. Blogging Tips…… You can choose any of this and start making huge money online.

. How to choose a good domain name

Make sure it relate to what your niche is all about, like,,, and so on……

Now over to you. If there is any tips to be a successful blogger and I have not list it here. Pls let me know in the comment section. Good luck to you

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