How To Find The Best Profitable Niche To Start Blogging on

Profitable Blog Niches To Start Blogging On

Blogging has being a game and even fun for many bloggers, it has also been the long run of many bloggers which has caused some of them dropping out from school. They surely depend in blogging and they really have and catch fun with it.

“All because  they blog on a profitable niches”

Now if you can endeavor to implement all the top and down tutorials on this blog, I swear you will love blogging like kilode.

The best lesson and best experience experts bloggers must share to the new ones is to let them know the real niche to start publishing ideas on.

In glance, I will list out the lessons you will discover after you read this post to the end.

1. You will learn why many blogs have not being profitable.

2. The right strategies to employ and get the right and best experience in blogging journey.

3. Niches That will definitely grow in the next six months.

4. Read on and add this forth one in the comment box.

Why are some blogs not profiting.

Like I always said, not all blogs do make the real cash, but their are some that generate huge balance per month.

What Do I Need To Consider Before Going Into Blogging

1. The niche you are blogging on has a physical products to sell: This is what attract most advertisers to  blogs.


You must blog in a niche that you can easily trace sell “able” products, like cosmetics, fashion, mobile phones, computer accessories and many more…

2. Make sure your niche has more interests in your targeted area., try to make research on topics which tends to generate traffic from those that near you or almost the same vicinity.

3. Make sure your niche serve all ages area: Don’t blog on niches that are restricted to one or little age. Though you might have them visiting your blog, but they might not buy something substantial from your blog.

Avoid being concentrated on ages like 13+ or downward.

4. Make sure you blog on a niche which you are allegedly professional In That field: To avoid future breakdown, you will need to blog on niche that you are already experience In, be sure you are not a new bie in that particular field.

5. Start blogging on a niche that you love more and know more: make sure you blog on a niche you love the most.

What are the things you must keep in mind to be real if you want to surf the Internet with smiles on your face:

Don’t blog because you “only” want to make money.

Don’t fool people with affiliate links.

Be truthful with your readers, don’t be too materialistic and start driving people out of line. Never fool anyone with make money online without giving them a true proof of your real balance and tricks in make money tips.

Niches to avoid: Porn and sex related niche.

Niches that will grow in the next 5-6 months.

Entertainment and news blog that is well updated regularly. But know, you are not a friend with AdSense

Weight lost:

Health related niche

Moringa reviews.

Niches Has Products And has much Advertisers

  • Health related like cosmetic,: you know every body always want to stay healthy, no one will ever thought of hiding any tips he or she has gotten from a health niche blog.

Even this is the most niche that can get approved easily from AdSense.


  •  Bulk SMS.: This is a niche that has much advertisers, it is only for those with business strategies.

You can start this niche and get more advertisers.


  •  Online degree.: do you know there us no free service in online degree. So your chance of getting more advertisers is in-negligible.


  • Make money online.: This a very lucrative blog niche that attract more followers. This shies that your chance if getting most re traffic is very high.


  • Product reviews.: this blog niche is very advantageous for any one who like this and also have true passion for it.


You can make money from affiliate marketing immediately your blog start getting traffic.


  • Affiliate store.: incase you don’t find any passion for any niche in blogging. You can just start this lucrative niche and make money blogging.

This is just a shop but with your affiliate link, 

  • Phone reviews. And more…….
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