How Mypastquestion Make Money from An Educational Blog In Nigeria

How Mypastquestion Make Money from An Educational Blog In Nigeria

As a Student: How Can You Create A Education Blog In Nigeria And Make Money From It Like (Ifiokobong Ibanga)

How Mypastquestion Make Money from An Educational Blog In Nigeria

Do you know that you can start making more money from what you know? Have you ever be thinking that you must know more about blogging before you can start to publish content on your blog, or you think that you must learn blogging very well so you can know what to be writing about?

No, it doesn’t mean you only must know blogging and be very familiar with concept of how blogging goes before starting a blog.

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There is nothing you can’t start blogging on except adult content which is not advisable to venture into.

Do you know that there is nothing you know on your brain that you cant blog about?, you can start a blog today on any aspect you know that you are very good at.

You are thinking of setting up a blog tutorials?, Nope, you can actually request anyone including me to set up a blog for you and then you pay.

To avoid scamming, I am always here to help you in any kind of service you want to do as far as it is blogging, and also always take note that you don’t have to contact me when you are not yeah! ready the cash you want to use for the service. That is why I listed the service I offer and their respective price at the our service and the hire me page.

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You all have to read there and the service I can offer for you there.

Back to the main topic, how can you set up an education blog in Nigeria and make money from it.

Firstly I will list out those things you have to consider before adding their explanations.

  • Know well what you want to share
  • Have Time for it and as well make sure that your passion for the topic is considerable.
  • Invest your precious time to create a beautiful content for your readers.
  • Make thorough research so you can link out to site that already have the content you’ve not posted on your blog!

So now, as a well experienced blogger, I will like to give you the real and full definition of my above warnings.

1.Know Well What You Want To Share on Your Nigeria Education Blog: Due to some seen and experienced fact that most Nigerian bloggers try to steal contents from another blog to their own without even adding any credits to the owner blog, we have discovered that this was happening because those bloggers don’t really concentrate on what they know.

Many bloggers like to be famous like Mr. Jide Ogunsanya of OgongeBlog, Mr. Ifiokobong Ibanga of and many more like that, they tends to copy them and also want to write what they are writing on their site. And by the time they start, they will start getting some difficulties like writing more engaging contents.

Low traffics issue

They won’t be able to write more content again because they are not well grounded in their field. They don’t understand well on what to be writing on, they don’t have the real and a solid pushup from them to write more engaging contents.

And by then, they start copying contents from other sites which is not good as a potential blogger.

So, you have a solid knowledge and well familiar with the topic of the blog you want to set up.
Their are many types of topics you can choose to start writing on in education, either physics, maths, assignment, questions and answers and also past questions.

Like this man did, I have mentioned his name earlier on this post. Ifiokobong Ibanga, he started a blog that only focus on sell past questions. He really make a lot of money from that blog, by selling only past questions and answers .and no to talk of the ads on that site.

Maxvisits Reveiw: How To Get 5000 USA page Views A Day

When he showed the amount of sale he made a day from selling this past questions, it was about #400,000. Four Hundred Thousand Naira.

He has make a lot of cash from that site, and he is still making more till date.

You can also start this kind of blog, but you have to exercise patient. Blogging can’t start fetching you money like that, you have to clear the inside and outside of your blog before thinking of making money, especially when it is to sales.

Traffics should be your first priority in blogging if you want to be successful in it.

So, you have ti build your blog to some extents that you have being getting comments and returning visitors to your site.

How Mypastquestion Make Money from An Educational Blog In Nigeria

How Mypastquestion Make Money from An Educational Blog In Nigeria

  • Have Time for setting Up Your Blog Contents: Like I said earlier, make you you have passion or the topics you feel like blogging on.

You must have knowledge on what you think you want to start publishing useful contents.

Like if you are a 400 hundred level student, you can be publishing those assignment you have done in hundred level 100l , 200l and so on. And this are the most important things to consider when choosing education as blogging niche.

Student always want to learn more everyday and they want to excel in class more than their mates, and more so lecturers will always give you assignment that will force you to make the research on google.

And by then, if you have written contents on that particular topic before, you will just generate traffic from them like that.

Just imagine the amount of universities we have in Nigeria with over millions on students there.

With all this student, your can make your money from them like that.

You will generate more traffics from all this students, and if you offer service on the site, you will generate more sales from them.

  • Make research on the related topics of your blog contents.

Make sure you have read through on Google about the related content you want to write on so you give links out and let you r blog readers understand your blog content the more.

With all this guides, you can successfully start a education blog today and make money from it.

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PS: If you want to start your blog now, and you don’t want to be scammed. Reach me at the hire me page so I will guide you and as well pay me for the service.

I don’t do free service, as far as my megabyte will be used.

So now, since you have successfully learn how mypastquestion make money from a Eductaion blog in Nigeira, you have to leave a comment here so to boost my moral and always give you more tips on making money from online.

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