How Can Nigerians Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Nigerians: How Can You  Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Hello friends, today I want to show you on how you can make money from affiliate marketing in Nigeria.

Do you even  know that affiliate marketing is one of the best way to make money from blogging.

It was said and confirmed that one of the best way to make money from a new blog is through affiliate marketing.

If you start a new blog and intend to use Google AdSense to monetize your blog, you can as well fool yourself, because.

  • Google AdSense won’t accept your blog because it is new
  • If you already have adsense, you won’t make much money from it easily.
  • Even If you go for the highest high paying niche for Google adsense. You won’t get much cpc, cause the cpc of your blog depends on the domain authority of your blog.
  • You might not make money from google adsense if you still have a low page rank.
  • You won’t make money from google adsense if your blog seo is still small, cause you might not rank your blog contents on search engines result page.

How Can You Make Money From Affiliate Marketing As A Nigerian


Affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Firstly, there are somethings you need to implement if you truely want to make huge. You must know some things again, aside from those once I listed up there.

There are three ways I will list here to easily boost your sales., To avoid too much talk, I will get everything down here.

Wait first, why should you believe me when I show you no true picture here to verify that I have make money from affiliate marketing.
But you know want thing, you just try to read this article word for word, and digest them. Then if you don’t nod your head to confirm that all what that  I am saying here is true. Then you don’t finish this article.

So now, I want let you know three powerful ways you can explore the wealth on the Internet.

  • Through blog commenting
  • Through local and international advert.
  • Through your own blog


  • –> Now this process is in two parts, I will first let you know the kind of blog you will buy and how to use it to boost your sales.


  • –> Now the second one if to help you if you already bought a new blog, or you have one that you are running presently.

Make Money From Affiliate Marketing Through Blog Commenting

Do you ever know that you can make huge money from just commenting on a blog. Yes, you can make huge money from blog commenting. All you need to do is to insert your referral link to the link space.

But before you use your affiliate link to comment on a blog, you must do one thing that won’t let your affiliate id unprotected.

Now, you aswell know that there are some people that always buy somethings from your affiliate link, but they will by pass your affiliate id so you won’t earn from them..
Likewise you too always think and do…. You might think that if you buy through the referral, the price they might charge will be much. So then, you’ll remove the promoters id and buy with the direct link.

Wrong!!! , no company will increase your payment if you want to buy with someones affiliate referral link.

Even you can decrease the amount you are going to pay if the person provide you a coupon code.

Now, how will you mix your url that the person won’t be able to remove your referral code, and buy with a naked link.

Use or to short the link.
Even if you have a banner, just copy your own referral link use the url shortena to shorten your url..


Do you also know that you will make money from shorten your link? You can be paid if you will get the requested amount of click on that link you shared.

Use direct Advert To make Money Through Affiliate marketing.

If you are promoting a product that will increase your earnings very well. Like you are promoting a product that you can easily make a whooping of $60 to $100 of dollars per sales or action.  You can just invest small money on that link and gain much money from it.

I know you don’t like to invest money before you can make money.
No, things seems not to work that way. You must invest to harvest. If you can’t invest then you can’t harvest.

Mark Zuckerberg wouldn’t have be known through Facebook, if he can’t invest money to buy a custom domain name and a powerful hosting.

If you don’t want to spend money, then am sorry, you might not make money.

This are the website you can places you can place advert
Use, tho they are now strict like shit.

  • Use
  • Use
  • Use Local Entertainment Site to boost your earnings.
  • Place advert on Instagram
  • Place Advert On Quora, that is the very best place to advertise your goods on, especially when it deals with blogging tutorials or products related to blogging.

Use Your Blog To Promote Your Affiliate Link

This is the final and the most one you can use to increase your self earnings. You can use your blog post and insert your referral link to the post for easy click.

Ways To Promote your affiliate link in your blog.

Make a review about the link you want to share.
Like, one of my blogging boss named prospernoah, he wrote an article about afffnaija review.
And then you know what!, the post become popular on google. If you can search for the keyword on google. You will definitely see his site ranking for the first position. And till date, he is still ranking for that first page of google.

Why!!!? and how did his came across to that. He make use of the keyword ranking beast, which later turn his content viral on the search engines result page.

But for me, I use technical seo to boost your content viral on google.

If you want me to offer this kind of service to you, never hesitate to use the hire me link to contact me. Thanks

I think, this is the end of this article.

What to know before using your own blog to promote affiliate links.

You must have knowledge about seo, so you can also be getting a sleeping traffics from search engines.

Make sure your blog is about a year old or up-to 9 months.
Make sure you have hosted your blog with the best hosting company in Nigeria or all over the world..
Don’t and never use a free domain name to start promoting your contents.
If I want to do seo audit for your blog, I will need to know if your blog is up-to 6 month.
If you would like to learn how to write contents that will go viral, or just want me to be writing seo contents on your blog.

Make sure your domain authority is more than 2 before reaching me.

Thanks, if you have any question or comment. kindly use the comment section to let us know., we are always here to help your blogging carrier. Thanks for reading up-to this moment.

PSS: Do you need my service? Hire me page is there for you.
Do you fill like consulting me, either through whatsapp or a direct call. My number is also at the hire me page.

I can help your seo, but please I don’t do free service and free teaching. If you want ,my free tutorial. Kindly join us on whatsapp or search for bloggers forum on Facebook.


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