Stories Of How Linda Ikeji Make Money From Blogging + Passion –

Stories Of How do linda Ikeji make money from blogging in Nigeria ,? do you want to know the secret behind the making money of linda Ikeji? If Yes, then you are going to learn the secrets and revealed way linda ikeji make money from her blog here.

Stories Of How Linda Ikeji Make Money From Blogging + Passion 

Stories Of How Linda Ikeji Make Money From Blogging + Passion

Before I go into the full details of the secret the wealth of linda ikeji.
I will like to give you some short story of how her blogging carrier started.

From the story of her life she narrated on her instagram page, the way she grew was somehow touching, she came from a poor background family. She was very poor then to the extents of trecking from home to school in 2000.

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She grew up with this determination that she won’t give her body to any man all because of money.

I think for a femle to have this kind of detrmination, she must be well trained from home. I guess.

Despite the difficulties she encountered during her study in school, it would or could have let her terminate the vow that she won’t near any man all because of money.

I know this story is should be for all ladies that think that they can’t make it in life except they are being used by a man.

She grew with that faith and she believed in her passion that it will definitely turn her to be a great person in life.

Then, she was a model and hungry celebrity then. Lol… Just Joking.

She narrated that she always sometimes borrow money to go for outing, she will leave lecture room sometimes to work in a hotel and earn more money.

As I said earlier-on that she is a celebrity and a model, she has the opportunity of mingling with rich sugar daddy’s and sugar boys, lol.. but she said that whenever she sleep with any man all because of money, GOD should strike her dead, immediately

Gbam!!! no be me talk am oh.

My quote for everyone reading this blog post now.

Mr. Barnk Quote For The WIse: The wise choose their friends, while the fools follow friends.

The wise one will accept that, while the second will get angry with it. Nevermind.

She started her blogging carrier which she said she loved then, she always like to publish entertainment, gossips and news content on her blog.

Ifiokobong Ibanga said she always write up-to 50 news on her blog daily.

‘”I don’t know “”

How Come she write up to that amount of words on her blog everyday. And everything Is original.

I don’t know where she always get that amount of news on a daily basis.

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Stories Of How Linda Ikeji Make Money From Blogging + Passion

The way linda make money from her blog is just like the same way I have writing in my making money tips category.

I will be listing the ways she make her money and then I will explain how she get use that way very well that always bring her 6 digits dollars every month.

She make money from all this

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sidebar Banners
  • Sponsored posts
  • Direct Advert

Google Adsense: Google adsense is one of the first target new bloggers try to focus on when they want to start monetizing their blog.

They tends to put more trust in this adsense because they are the best in-terms making money from a low traffic blog.

Tho I do not know the exact amount she make from google adsense every month, but from the report I read, she is making over $50,000 alone from adsense.

Shey!!! Jesu!!!

How Does she manage to make this kind of money from google adsense alone.

She get a lot of traffics from USA, uk and even all over the world. When you take a look at her contents, she always write foreign news on her blog, she doesn’t focus on Nigeria news alone but all over the world and mostly USA and Naija.

From the report and reviews every blogger gives about adsense earnings. Clicks from USA, UK, Canada are much high and they can give you about $50 to $100 per click.

The picture report below shows the how much me and my blogging friend make from adsense every month.

Stories Of How Linda Ikeji Make Money From Blogging + Passion 

If you also want to make this kind of money, you can get my contact at the hire me page.

Lindaikedi Make Money From Side Bar Banners.

Their are some sidebar banners on her blog which is designed mostly for comapnies like Zenite Banks and more like that.

She make over #700,000 from those side bars alone.

Direct Advert:
I can say this is the most source of her income, she makes thousands of naira from direct advert a day and not to talk of montly.

Companies pay her about #500,000 every month for this advert. And she is likely to be receiving adverts from companies everyday.

Take a look at her traffic stats, she is getting about 4 million page views every month.

Sponsored Post
From my research, I discorverd that she is getting 5 to 10 sponsored post everyday.

10,000 per post multiplied 5, = #50,000 minimum everyday.


You can also start making money money like lindaikedi if you have the determination for success, determination for success will let you to make money money,. But the determination for money will let you to loose focus. It will distract your attention to create a useful blog for your readers before thinking of making money with it.

How to get 5000 USA visit Free: Adsense safe

You have to clear the inside and outside of your blog before thinking of making money through your blog, I will even advise you to focus on audience first before thinking of making money.

If you look at whatsapp, whatsapp is not yet placing advert on their app because they want to focus on traffic first. I guess.

Do you need any consultation in blogging?

You can reach me at the hire me page.

I am ranking on the first page of google, do you also want do know more about this.

I have a PDF to guide you. Contact me at Hire me page

I think by now you should have know Stories Of How Linda Ikeji Make Money From Blogging + Passion 


Comment your review here or questions.


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