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Do you want to start getting unlimited traffic from Google, do you want to start sharing the traffic with all those popular sites. If so, I am here with a package that will teach you on how you can increase  Google rankings with the help of the search engines optimization techniques.

Sometimes in life, when we make a substantial achievement. We tends to feel boastful, and then praise ourselves for doing a great job. Even sometimes we will be confidential to make it known to our friends and even refer them to the page especially when it comes to blogging . Yea!, Like when you wrote an awesome article on how to become rich in quick way, how “how to start a successful business easily”. and you have friends that want to know more about this.


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Or Just have a little dudes that know nothing about what you’ve wrote on your blog.
They want to be a make money at home guy like you.

Then you will be quickly summoned to refer them to your blog.

Anyway, I don’t need to dig so much in all those areas. I just want you to understand what I am giving out in this page today.

There are sometimes many people call me and tell me that they are done with blogging,. then I ask why? They say there are many barricade in blogging which has lead them to waist all their efforts and make them to feel hopeless in blogging.

Now even sometimes they’ll even write up better ideas but it is very clear that no one and sometimes only few will read it.

So I am very sure that this can get them down.

The most bad times in blogging is to have a very beautiful contents on your blog and discovered that there is no traces of traffics from the search engines it is only getting traffic if you share to the social medias.

How Do I Know More About Increase Google ranking Through The Search Engines Optimization Tricks.

I am still discussion on traffics,. Sometimes to get traffics is very tedious, cumbersome, Very tight, uneasy. And If we look at it statistically, it was revealed that over 2 million wordpress users are publishing content everyday. (Take Note) only wordpress, when we have many software out there.

Now even before you complete reading this line, there is another 200+ article published now.

Now so, how do we strive out and be singled out to get the unlimited traffics from google?.

You don’t need to wander how, you just need to read on and never get tired.

In this article I will make mention of what are the reasons why your blog hasn’t be ranked on google search engines all this while, and I will give you the full details to rank it more on google immediately after hitting the publish button.

Now, like I said earlier-on, when over 2 million publishers write on Google everyday. How do Google single out some contents and rank it above others.

Now the business start

To give yourself more exposure from the search engines, there is one tools that has made google be very clear that there are some unique contents that need to be seen by everyone.

Yea!!! you can call out on google to crawl your contents and make it visible in the serch engines result first page. (SERP)

What is the tools that could increase google ranking?

SEO, I know some of you are very familiar with what is called SEO, Yes Or No. If it is true that you already know about this before, congratulations.

SEO is an abbreviation of the word Search Engines Optimization, which means clearly from the name that is a a tool for establishing your contents on the search engines.

Now what is SEO>! SEO is a tolls that make your contents appear in the search engines result pages and make readers to be referred to your site while you are sleeping.

Lot of laughs… I call it a sleeping and a lazy means traffics.

There are somethings that it will save you and your time from doing so, I mean’t that, it will save you from sharing the content to social media your self..

It will save you from getting readers by all means.

Today I am going to show you the way on how to send google or search engines an errand to fetch your site at the result pages.

How Do I get started with SEO

Now I said I will show you how to make Google your wife, you only duty is to create an awesome content. Then your wife which is Google will cook it well for you and target visitors( the done food) to your table.

So you get that right?

Firstly I will write out the 100+ search engines optimization tactics to leverage your blog contents in the serp.

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White Hat and Black hat SEO Practices.

This sub title might seems to have a very funny name, like white hat and back hat.

You might be like “what does this means.” white “hat”: is this dress.

Yea!!! it is a dress but the ninjas dress. The ninja I am referring to is the Google we are talking Funny..lot of laughs

This are the kind of clothes your contents will wear to get ranked on Google first page.

In Just a few paragraphs, let me just expatiate small on what white hat and black hat means.


The Step-by-Step Guide to Improving Your Google Rankings Without Getting Penalized

White hat

White hat is the truthful and the religious way of getting traffics from Google., while the black hat techniques is ways of getting traffic from Google in a very powerful way. But Conic.

White Hat SEO Tips.

How do I rank my website on Google using white hat seos tips.

  • Write a reasonable contents
  • Lengthen your contents the more
  • Check for errors and correct them
  • Look for a very better theme and install it once and for all
  • Create a very fast website, cause Google don’t tolerate slow websites.
  • Do some seo tricks to leverage your blog contents in the search engines.
  • Watch the movements of your post your self.
  • Use some Image to signify that you have time to create that contents.
  • Do Internal And External Linking.
  • Clear The Inside and Out side of your blog to be readable.
  • Do some back going images or use info-graphics to boost your contents readability.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Improving Your Google Rankings Without Getting Penalized

Write A Reasonable contents

Do you truly want to rank your blog on the search engines result page. If so, google would have love to rank contents that are reasonable to search engines result pages.

There are some flaws that occur which could affect the seo of your site when you write an un-reasonable contents on your blog. I will make that clear here.

Sometimes google will tends to block some sites from ranking, and there by. The contents becomes waist ed to google traffics and even to the readers like me.

This is one of the questions I always have from friends when they are talking of how to out rank their competitors on the search engines.

That, how will they increase their blog ranking on the search engines.

Yes I asked them, is your contents boastful, can you share your contents for me to read and comment. That is what I do in the first place. But since most bloggers don’t most bloggers don’t want to invest their time in producing commendable contents,. They’ll end up exchanging traffics from friends in the groups.

So now google, the first things that happens when you hit the publish buttons is what?
Warnings!!: make sure you read all this contents very well before publishing a new post on your blog.

There is a very fast working trick I will show you at the black hat section where you can easily get enough traffic form the search engines.

SO How Do I start writing a commendable blog posts.

A reasonable and an well written contents contains all this terms.

  1. Very Lengthy
  2. Contains Keywords
  3. A proper Keyword Research is Done.
  4. Proper Stuffed Keyword
  5. Proper Bulletin Like this
  6. Proper Paragraphs not Just a boring Post.
  7. Proper Mentions
  8. Proper Meta data.
  9. Contains No Stop Words In perma linking Structure.

Very Lengthy Words: Wow this is where we are going, google understand what it take for site owners to easily rank their blog on the search engines.

A very lengthy contents will show or signifies that the content is a well detailed one. It helps search engines to understand that you truly know what you are writing about. Or writing on.

A well detailed contents contains 1000 words at least.

And so, people and potential bloggers don’t wait for 1000 words again. They write on a very lengthy one like from 2000 words on the search engines.

Even sometimes google tends to rank websites contents with much words in it contents.
Do you know that google check your site one by one before they rank it in the search engines.? Yea! But how come, they have no other works to do???!!!

No!!! they don’t don’t monitor those new contents one by one in person, but they have a robot that will craw the contents as new as it is and then look for the website with the most compelling contents and then rank I on the search engines.

Yea! That is how it works. I don’t just want to open the cloths on the eye of the masquerade, I should have tell you all what the web crawler does on your contents behind you and check if it well detailed to be ranked or not.

Contains Keywords

A will detailed contents contains keywords, sorry a well optimized contents contain some focus keywords to leverage your contents on the search engines.

Yea! You need to do some proper keywords research and find out the golden keywords to rank on in the search engines.

There should be some places where the keyword should be placed to increase your google ranking. Try to find out from a well written search engines optimized contents, you will see how well those keywords are placed in the right places.

How Do I Put The keywords in My Article And The Best Place To Put It.

When you first start t write your contents, you should have a proper places to insert your keywords for Google rankings.

  • The first paragraph of your contents should contain the focus keyword your are to use.

Know that there are still other tricks which I won’t make mention here. I mean tricks in terms of the keyword placements.

  • Make sure you insert your focus keyword in the first 100 words of your article, it doesn’t matter if you don’t put it in the first paragraph. Just make sure you insert it in your first 100 words for better ranking.
  • I am not teaching you the rest because you can use It against me to rank above my blog posts.
  • Make sure you use tags for your focus keyword not just use , b tags has no importance in blogging and even in the blogging world. Strong tags shows the importance of the text you want to rank for.
  • Make Sure you also put those keywords… this I can’t reveal it for free here. You need to buy my ebook for better ranking. You can reach me at the hire me
  • Be very sure that you don’t just stuff your article with keywords. You can just be telling a human of what is on your site like that. OR else you get banned and they might even send your site to google sand box.
  • Make Sure you at least use the focus keywords on your post headings, but I won’t tell you the exact headings yet. You can get that in my PDF, it is just $10. You can reach me for the PDFs now if you don’t want to stay back on google.

Let me do a brief explanation on how the pdf is going to help your blogging carrier.

This domain name you are reading from is just a month old, and to my greatest surprise. This site has being receiving traffics from Google.

The one that always open my mouth in surprise the most is the site Alexa rank is decreasing with over 100,000 digits per day. Can you see, if you buy the e-book. Your blog will grow viral through seo.

Do you want to buy the e-book, are you interested.? yes! If you are falling in love with me here. Then why don’t you just reach me at And get your copy now.

Back to our main issue

A proper Keyword research is done

This is the most considering thing you must do before hitting the publish button, you must do some proper keyword research if you want to leverage your blog to the search engines.

If you want to rank your website like mine, you can just do some proper keyword research.
In due time, I will write on how you can properly do a keyword research on this blog.
Now, what next, go for the keywords that has low competition and also keywords that has high search volumes. And also keywords that are increasing in times.

Let me just help you here.

Proper Stuffing Keywords

Now, here is the most confusing part with wordpress bloggers. Sometimes when you are following the yoast seo plug-ins. You will do some certain and the most mistakes.

You wont even rank on Google if you are following the ranking methods listed there.
You want to please the plug-ins, by making sure all the indicators gives a green a signal. Right?
Don’t always follow the plug-ins when it is telling you that your focus keyword density is very low.
Thought it is very advantageous, even I have used the the help of the great tool to increase boost my traffic on Google several times.

Even my post always appear on the search engines almost immediately.

S you need to way out for how you insert your focus keyword to your contents. Let your content flow normally. The focus keyword of this post is increase Google ranking if you look at my article thoroughly. You will found it very difficult to see the focus keyword in my article.

I just make sure do It very well, I make sure my contents flow naturally.

Hun!!! door, do you think you can use my focus keyword and increase your traffic or out rank me….. no…
You have already saved it so as to use it to boost your website ranking right…!!! I used about 7 focus keywords here. So don’t even think of out ranking me.

I do check for my position on the search engines everyday.!!! if I should wake up today. That is my first job and must be done for real.

So you can’t just out rank me like that, we rank ourselves.

I will only focus seo on this site, so you can be checking back on seo tricks.

Proper Bulletin In Article

Make sure you use your bulletin in your article properly.
Brian Dean wrote on the  200 google ranking factors.

that proper bulletin take a good effect in contents seo

Proper Paragraphs

Make sure that you use proper paragraphs, don’t just let your visitors to feel boring when they are reading your articles.

Use your paragraphs, you aren’t restricted to the number of paragraphs you use for each posts.

Do Mentioning By External Linking

This is on of the things that most bloggers don’t like doing. Most time new blogger are very selfish to be mentioning bloggers, or just to give links to external urls.

They count it as a bad things since the author of the website they want to link with have no knowledge of the linking.

Internal and External linking is one of the best way to increase your website ranking.

So you just need to search for the keyword you want to post to your blog on search engines, then choose the most rank blog url. Use the link on yuour focus keywords. You are done like that.

Proper Meta data.

If you are a wordpress users, you just need to use your yoast seo plugins. Then scroll down to the yoast bar at the end of your post new page. Then Click on edit snippet like, and use the focus keyword of your blog post properly.
I don’t say that you should use it like, wrong stuffing your article with much of your focus keywords.

Never get tired of using your Internet data subscription in setting all those tips up.. You get me now,

Avoid Stop Words In Your Permalinks Structure.

It is advisable not to use the following keywords.

To, Be, A, Me, I, Do, One, Take, Use, As………. and many more like that.

  • a
  • about
  • above
  • after
  • again
  • against
  • all
  • am
  • an
  • and
  • any
  • are
  • as
  • at
  • be
  • because
  • been
  • before
  • being
  • below
  • between
  • both
  • but
  • by
  • could
  • did
  • do
  • does
  • doing
  • down
  • during
  • each
  • few
  • for
  • from
  • further
  • had
  • has
  • have
  • having
  • he
  • he’d
  • he’ll
  • he’s
  • her
  • here
  • here’s
  • hers
  • herself
  • him
  • himself
  • his
  • how
  • how’s
  • I
  • I’d
  • I’ll
  • I’m
  • I’ve
  • if
  • in
  • into
  • is
  • it
  • it’s
  • its
  • itself
  • let’s
  • me
  • more
  • most
  • my
  • myself
  • nor
  • of
  • on
  • once
  • only
  • or
  • other
  • ought
  • our
  • ours
  • ourselves
  • out
  • over
  • own
  • same
  • she
  • she’d
  • she’ll
  • she’s
  • should
  • so
  • some
  • such
  • than
  • that
  • that’s
  • the
  • their
  • theirs
  • them
  • themselves
  • then
  • there
  • there’s
  • these
  • they
  • they’d
  • they’ll
  • they’re
  • they’ve
  • this
  • those
  • through
  • to
  • too
  • under
  • until
  • up
  • very
  • was
  • we
  • we’d
  • we’ll
  • we’re
  • we’ve
  • were
  • what
  • what’s
  • when
  • when’s
  • where
  • where’s
  • which
  • while
  • who
  • who’s
  • whom
  • why
  • why’s
  • with
  • would
  • you
  • you’d
  • you’ll
  • you’re
  • you’ve
  • your
  • yours
  • yourself
  • yourselves


White Hat Part 2: Lengthen your contents the more


As Neil Patel always do, he will advise you to increase the length of your content, he always say that Google always respect content with much words.

One of things that signifies that a content is well detailed by Google, is if the content has much words.

So you need to lengthening your content the more… Take a look at this content, It is over 3000 words.

If you have the full knowledge of what you want to write on, you should know how to increase your content for better understanding.

Check for errors and correct them

Do you know Google do crawl every content you post on your website. If the Google bot find out any typographical error in your content., It will just count your written contents as a bot contents.

Look for a very better theme and install it once and for all

It is advisable to use a better theme you love, you should look for only one theme. You don’t need to be running for many theme at a time because your seo potential might decrease or be meaningless to the search engines.

If you are a type that always change themes all the time. You won’t rank well on the search engines like that.

Create a very fast website, cause Google don’t tolerate slow websites.

Google like to offer the best to their readers, so you’ll always see that SERP always bring out fast site at the top of the result pages.

Do some seo tricks to leverage your blog contents in the search engines.

Use some Image to signify that you have time to create that contents.
Use images to show that you are really passing a good informations to your readers

Black Hat SEO: Please don’t try this, or else your blog url will be black listed on SERP.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Improving Your Google Rankings Without Getting Penalized

Black hats Warnings


Don’t build up back links for a new domain name
Don’t Start doing blog commenting for just new domain name (Read More here

Write a Well detailed contents and add alt attributed images
Write well, use your bulletin well.
Make sure you use your headings and paragraphs well.

Stay cool, make sure you share this article after you are done reading it

Now it is your turn to teach me, if you have any means on how to increase google ranking. Please kindly do well by putting it in the comment section. Thanks

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