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How To Create A Blog That Generate $3180 Every Month

Do you want to know how to start a blog that will make money, and also choose the top blogging niches that will make you money easily? If so, i congratulate you because you have successfully landed on a page that will tell and teach you the basics step on how to get started.

Do you know, or you ever had that blogging is one of the most legit way to make money online and also the best way to increase your monthly income if you work offline.

There are so many reasons that will let you venture into blogging, aside from either it let you to make money online. It let you make the real fortune online through your passion, and more so you don’t need any investment to get started in blogging.
It is the best means teens and students can use to drive out poverty from their entire life.
Don’t stuff it up!, you don’t only make money, but you will create a space for yourself in the and web world, and more so, you will be learning new things everyday.

How To Start A Blog

How To Get Started, What Is It For Me To Know?
Do you know something? that you can’t just start a race, you will need to know the steps to take and the task involve to get to the top easily.
Now here are the top easy steps or things to know if you want to venture into this part of online business.

  • Know What You Want To Teach And Teach What You Know:
    So what do i start sharing to the world for them to congratulate me. Or don’t you know before that blogging is about publishing contents online like the way i am doing now.
  • What is blogging? Introduction To Blogging

Blogging, as said above is one of the most trusted and legit way to make money online from, this way of generating fortune online is brought out by Google,.”i think” cause blogging started from blogger which was created by google.

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What Is Blogging?

Blogging is a platform, set up for a student or individual, may be workers to publish ideas online and use to generate money from. And also not everybody that started blogging is ready to monetize the blog.
Making Money from it is a choice which will be determined by you.
You can decide to make money from it and you can as well decide not to make money from it, the ball is always in your court.

And also know that, this is for everybody that can write, read and understand. You can be a student or a parent, that never means you can’t start blogging or else you are not up to 13.

i believe matured mind will be able to handle the Internet

So that you will be mature enough to play a very wise game with other competitors in your field.
This aspect bring you more exposure than before, and you must know how to speak well with anybody you meet in any association you found yourself because you about to know many people in that field that can guide you well enough. Or you guide.

So you need to be mature enough for this journey. Never-mind for the long talk, i do like a lady sometimes. I am so so so sorry for taking your time too much, but you know i need to let you know the full journey so you won’t get pissed off. Eventually you just be like, but i don’t know this before now!! oh Gosh

How To Start A Blog That Will Make Money, With The Top Best Blogging Niches

Choose A Blogging Platform: What is a blogging platform? How do i choose the best blogging platform.

All this questions are pondering in your mind right?, okay no problem. I am here to let you know all that, and to guide you through the process with some easy steps.
What is a blogging platform? This is the type of ground you set-up your blog on. I mean the type of place you want to be posting on.
There are many platforms out there for bloggers, but only few among them are useful.

These are the platforms you will see, but i only recommend the two i will bold among them, cause it is the most common and the best way to make money online. for you.


  • Blogger
  • hosted)
  • (online)
  • Tumblr
  • Medium
  • Ghost
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Weebly
  • Typepad
  • Magento

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Blogger and WordPress are the best platforms to set up your blog on, and it is very easy for you make money through them.
But you know that between the two, there will be the one that most people run to, why and the best.
Which Is The Most Best To Set-Up A Blog With (bloggeer and wordpress)
Blogger is best for the beginners and for those that just want to be publishing their hubbies.

But for those that want to make their blog a business page, you need to go for a hosting companies.

So now, how do i go about a hosting and
Since this is the first starter in blogging, then i should start my explanations from here first., how to get started in

It is very easy like ABC,

If you want to start publishing your contents on You can start up a blog from in 2 minutes, i mean for those that have a fast Internet Connections

How to Start:
Get a new gmail
click on sign up

Then Choose Your Blog Url, like

Make sure you finds the URL that is available
Make sure you don’t just use any gmail you don’t have access to, or gmail account you are not using often

You should know by now, that you are now in a business trail. So you need a gmail account that carries your full identity, that you can be easy tracked for business.
Now, after you have gotten the best URL you want for your blog

Choose the theme you want for your blog
You know what, you can always change your theme later, just choose any random theme and go ahead.
If you see any theme you like there, nothing stop you from choosing it. You can choose any theme for life and limited. Whatever you want to do it for.
You can always download a free theme from or paid ones.

They are cheap and best.

You are now done with your blog, just continue and start posting contents on your blog to get good traffic and also make money online.

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How To Start With A blog

How can you set up a blogging?

Now before you proceed on this tutorial, i want to ask you a question and you should also ask your self the question.
Do you have the money for hosting. Yes if you have the money, you can now start the job.

  • How do i start with a word press self hosted blogs.
  • Buy a domain name with a free hosting
  • Install Word Press Site Software
  • Install a Nice theme
  • Intall hte plugins you need for your blog
  • Go for the best site logo
  • Call a web designer like me. I can help you with that. You can just hire me for that.
    after you are done with all those things…………..No dulling, just pack your brain and start writing those content you will be putting on your blog.


Other Blogging Platform


WordPress online is a hosting packages that you don’t need to pay for either hosting or a domain name

Instead of paying for this package, you will get a free sub-domain name. It will have a at the end of it

You don’t need to be paying for any hosting again, you can just download the software and install it, or better still. Just goto and sign up for a free blog.

Their are a lots of free themes that can suit your type of blog, you can use any one you like. You are permitted to use the best theme of your choice there.

There are also some plans that wordpress online give you access to, you can pay for any of the packages if you don’ want a free one

  • $0 – This plan is for students, it is requires no investment
  • $99 / year – This is the best plan for professional bloggers, You can do a lot of things with this plan. Also know that you are safe from the hand of hackers
  • $299 / year – This Focused on advanced business solutions (Business Man, Your choice is here)
  • Hobby Bloggers who don’t want to spend any money and want to get started as quickly and easily as possible.
  • Anyone who wants to start a blog with zero investment
  • Professional Bloggers who aren’t concerned about the subdomain structure



The Tumblr platform could be a social network blog optimized specifically for bloggers Who wish to publish short batches of content:

Here is what Tumblr is usually used for today:

  • micro-blogs
  • famous quotes
  • images / photos and animated GIFs
  • short movies


If you determine a high quality presence on Tumblr, you’ll grow organically through promotion and sharing at intervals Tumblr. It’s a tightly knit community with loyal users.

Again, rather like Blogger and you get a sub-domain i.e., Yes, you’ll get a custom domain coupled to Tumblr however you may in fact got to obtain this singly.

You are additionally permitted to customize the design and feel of your Tumblr platform, however most of the these customizations got to be purchased. You know, so venture into that

Tumblr is suited to the subsequent sorts of bloggers:

  • Hobby bloggers
  • Microblogs




The Medium blogging platform could be a business enterprise platform for blog posts and articles.

Medium appeals to writers and bloggers who wish to share their opinions and stories on varied topics.

How To Create A Blog That Generate $3180 Every Month

Medium Blogging Platform


Medium blogging platform is a publishing platform for blog posts and articles.

Anyone who uses Medium gets to publish below their profile — e.g. however you can as well link your profile to a custom domain which needs a separate purchase. You can use the external hosting company to get this.

You can’t modify the design and feel of your Medium presence. the looks stays the way it were, however you’ve got lots of flexibility once it involves typography and pictures.

Medium is suited to the subsequent sorts of bloggers:

  • Writers wanting to create their authorship.
  • Hobby bloggers
  • Company blogs hosted singly from the company’s web site


How To Create A Blog That Generate $3180 Every Month



The Ghost blogging platform could be a package resolution like It’s downloadable directly from Ghost and needs outside hosting. several regard Ghost as a additional basic version of WordPress.


Downloadable version is $0.00 (Hosting isn’t with the Downloadable version)
The hosted version named professional ranges from $8 to $200 looking on the amount of blogs run and also the anticipated traffic volume. (Hosting is enclosed with the professional version)

If you wish a custom name, you’ll purchase it and use Ghost as your platform.

Ghost provides a range of themes to decide on from. Some square measure free, whereas the additional premium alternatives square measure obtainable at a value.

Ghost is suited to the subsequent sorts of bloggers:

  • Bloggers who wish to stay innovative in terms of technical solutions
  • Hobby bloggers who square measure keen to experiment with internet development

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The Squarespace blogging platform could be a easy on-line web site builder and hosting service.

Many contemplate Squarespace together of the most effective all-in-one web site building solutions.

Squarespace operate a subscription value arrange ranging from $8 up to $24 per month, with hosting included and a custom name.

If you have already got hosting (such as through Bluehost), Squarespace permits you to use their platform and keep your existing hosting.

Squarespace is extraordinarily straightforward to use. it’s a transparent interface that is intuitive and powerful.

They even have a layout engine that permits you to rearrange your blog content but you wish employing a straightforward drag and drop editor.

As a pacesetter in Internet style and uxor, Squarespace has lots of appealing styles to decide on from. Like most blogging platforms, you’ll additionally notice a library of plugins to feature additional practicality to your blog.

Squarespace is suited to the subsequent sorts of bloggers: –

  • Business house owners who would like associate degree optimized web site with a blog as well
  • Users with zero style skills or expertise

How To Create A Blog That Generate $3180 Every Month



The Wix blogging platform and website builder could be a easy platform with its own hosting service.

Wix is comparable to Squarespace with similar options in terms of its toolset.

Again, like several of the opposite blogging platforms you get a subdomain e.g., If necessary, you’ll purchase and link to your own custom domain.

Wix costs vary from $0 to $18 per month.

Wix has quite five hundred styles to decide on from. The Wix App Market permits for lots of customization, style enhancements, and additional practicality.

Wix is suited to the subsequent sorts of bloggers:

  • Business house owners who would like associate degree optimized web site and blog.
  • Users with zero style skills or expertise



Drupal isn’t simply a blogging platform It’s a full-blown content management resolution very similar to

To use Drupal, you need to move to and transfer the package, that you then transfer to line au courant your chosen host.

Drupal doesn’t provide hosting, therefore you may additionally got to prepare each hosting and also the purchase of a site name for your blog.

Drupal isn’t a straightforward platform to be told. for somebody who is simply new to blogging, Drupal isn’t the most effective selection.

I added it in my review to be as thorough as potential. However, I’d caution against using it unless you have already got expertise in Drupal or understand specifically what you’re doing.

Drupal is suited to the subsequent sorts of bloggers:

  • Skilled internet developers
  • Established business house owners who, for no matter reason, don’t wish to use


Weebly dblogging platform could be a hosted platform that enables you to form a blog or full blown web site using drag and drop tools. It’s very easy to use.

It’s additionally straightforward to form your blog look nice. There square measure dozens of well-designed and practical themes that you just use to customize their web-based interface.

Weebly’s free arrange permits you to do out the service before shopping for. once the trial, plans vary from $8 to $50 per month.

Weebly is suited to the subsequent sorts of bloggers:

  • Hobby bloggers
  • Businesses who wish wish to keep up a blog on their Weebly web site.



Typepad could be a blogging platform with hosting services incorporated.

TypePad is intended to produce associate degree easy-to-use interface for beginner or fully fledged bloggers. you’ll choose between Typepad’s library of themes or produce one from scratch.

One of the most important drawbacks to using Typepad is that your blog is hosted by them on their servers. this could be a limitation to your quantifiability and ultimate growth.

Also, the platform makes it troublesome to edit your HTML directly. This isn’t downside for users who aren’t fully fledged with writing, however it may be a heavy limitation for advanced users who wish additional management.

Typepad is suited to the subsequent sorts of bloggers: –

  • Beginners
  • Bloggers wanting a fast begin approach with restricted writing

How To Create A Blog That Generate $3180 Every Month


Magento is blogging and content management platform, however is usually used as associate degree ecommerce platform. the first purpose of the blogging platform is to help ecommerce users to start out a blog.

Magento is certainly for the additional the trained internet developer. though it’s not onerous to be told the platform, it will take a heavy commitment of your time, some programming skills, associate degreed an interest in using the platform longterm.

Magento is suited to the subsequent sorts of bloggers:

Ecommerce businesses who wish to start out a blog.
Bloggers who wish to expand into ecommerce
Experienced internet developer

That’s a wrap on the most important blogging platforms obtainable nowadays.

Again, you’ll wish to decide on rigorously. A blogging platform could be a essential call.

My personal recommendation is WordPress. If you’re able to launch your blog using WordPress, you’re able to advance to the step-by-step guide to start a wordpress blog.

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Blogging Topics

Most at times, when you see people into blogging, they will have gotten mind set or the idea of what topics they are going to be posting contents on.

Whatever your reason for investigating how to set up a blog, I can tell you all you need to know. When it comes to choosing a blog topic, just pick something that you’re interested in!

You may not be an authority on the topic (yet), but select something that you won’t get bored learning about.

So check out the topics in blogging,

  • Global warming
  • Beginner’s guides to anything!
  • Overcoming adversity or illness
  • Life experiences
  • Recipes
  • Politics
  • Parenthood
  • Products or service reviews
  • Family
  • Gaming
  • Travel experiences
  • Educational
  • Charity
  • Activism
  • Music
  • Celebrities
  • Personal Stories
  • Jokes and Humor
  • Myths
  • History
  • Sports

So here are the topics to start blogging on, if you encounter any prob. So now you are through with how to start a blog that will make money, and if you have any question or queries. Just reach me @ Contact Me page.


Share, comment and subscribe, Good luck

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