How Make Money From Product Reviews In Nigeria

How Make Money From Product Reviews In Nigeria



How Make Money From Product Reviews In Nigeria

Do you want to know how you can make money from product reviews In nigeria?, do you also want to start enjoying the fun from blogging?

If so, I am well pleased to tell  you that you are going to be learning all that here on this page.

How Make Money From Product Reviews In Nigeria

Now Listen:I tagged here so as to bring your attention here and know more about Ifiokobong Ibanga.

I stated from my previous post on how mypastquestions make money from eductaion blog in nigeria, from there I mention how you can make money from education blog like mypasquestions did.

I am not writing this post exactly of how makemoneyonline do tap earnings from reviews of products in nigeria, I only tag him so you can learn how he started and make money from it.

I will only be teaching you on how to start make money from product reviews in nigeria, not how ifiokobong Ibanga make make money from product reviews. Okaaay?!!!


And I am not affiliated with him, so don’t think that I was paid to write this article.

Firstly, let me first start by analyzing what you are going to be learning on this page one by one before giving the damn explanation on how to get started with full explanations.

How Make Money From Product Reviews In Nigeria

Stories Of How Linda Ikeji Make Money From Blogging + Passion –

You need to read through the site map, and know what exactly you will be learning on this page.
Now, here are the glanced walk through on getting started with product reviews in Nigeria.

Buy a custom domain name
Choose Better Hosting
Look for the best theme
Create The best logo for it and so on.
Create a shop section for it.
Open A Affiliate Account from amazon, konga, aliexpress, alibaba, jumia and all others that you know they are trusted in paying well.

1. Buy A Custom Domain Name:
For you to start any kind of blog, you need to have a custom domain name to identify your blog as being professional, you have to buy a custom domain name from trusted seller, like godaddy, namecheap and others that are trusted.
Tho all webhosting company are trusted in terms of domain names, only hosting that requires proper research before venturing into any.

Like you can buy a custom domain name like, or with any other type of TLDs you know.

You can choose, or .net , or .com. .org and so on.

Anyone, you will like to choose, like I will suggest you to choose the global tlds which will make it meaningful to any of your audience.

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Choose The Best Hosting Company: like I said earlier, you don’t have to consider much on where to buy your custom domain names, you only have to make sure you host on site that are well trusted in terms of up times.

You know the paint of your house doesn’t matter much, the only thing you have to consider is where you want to build the house, is it swampy area or dry land.

That is all that will be in your mind anytime you want to build your own self house.

Choose from the hosting I listed below
Goodaddy With A free domain name
NameCheap with free domain name.
Domain King
And more…
Look for the best theme that suit your blog: Do you also know that there are some certain things you need to consider when you want to install any theme.

Like me, I will prefer light themes that have the full function codes, like header head and not that too customized.


How mypastquestion make money from education blog in Nigeria

Choose The Best Logo for your site: You have to Make sure that your logo carries the full site address of your blog.

You don’t have to customize too much, just make sure your site address is bold on the logo, so your visitors will easily remember your site URL.

Create A Shop Section On It: WOW! How do I do this, don’t worry it is very easy as eating with a…

Just go to, I will meet you there, I can help you to set it up. But not free, also very cheap.

If you want to do it your self, no wahala, you can use your domain name and hosting as per as it is paid hosting not free hosting like blogger, 000webhosting.

Just go to your cpanel

Click on the sufaculous software
Click on wordpress or abente cart software.
Install anyone you want, but choose the abente cart
Find the nice theme and install, add the best theme of your choice.
Add vougue as your payment method, you can do so by signing up for that diffrentely.

Add all your products and design it well. With your logo.. Then you are done

If it still looks like magic, consider chatting with me directly with my email bankoleemmanuel97 @
Globalgist247 at gmail dot com

Sign Up for affiliate marketing: Search the affiliate marketing I listed up there or look for the best affiliate marketing and sign up for it.

Choose any of the product you want to promote

Add it to your blog and redirect the pay now or read more link to their site with your affiliate link.

I can do all this for you at a cheaper price, I can even be adding products for you if you have the power to hire me to start running your business blog for you.

That is all you have to do if you want to start a products review site, now start to write on each products like do (Makmoneyonline product reviews blog)

Now, I think you can easily rank your keywords on search engines if do the proper seo setup well.

Do you still feel uncomfortable with all what I have written here, get my contact at hire me page and reach me directly.

If you feel satisfied, oya start to make money online since you’ve know How To shopdirect Make Money From Product Reviews In Nigeria.
Good day!!!

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