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This Blog Is Just to Enlighten You On How To Make Money Online, How to create Website and how to become a successfull blogger.

Are you looking after making a new life, Are you looking for a legit way to make money online? if so, I count you lucky that you are here today.

I know it’s quite long you ave been online without making money. You keep reading how to make money online almost everyday. You only read peoples testimonies of how they made money online without you been a testifier. don’t worry it’s time you begin to share your own testimony having hit on this website(WordPressNigeria)

In Glance I am going to enligten you on you can make money In 2017 without giving any body money nor applying for any offline job. It is very easy it’s just about your hard working and your commitment to this blog…

Now let Begging with Making money in 2017 without investing a dime for those who don’t even have a start up capital. It’s true that for you to make money you will have to invest but i will say when the investment is too little then we say it’s not investment at all instead i call it free.

Don’t be scared you are going to spend money. Am going to show you some legit ways you can make money online they are all sure ideas if only you can be sure to ensure a sure awaiting success.. Before a workman makes money there should be some working tools he may have put tother in order to achieve his aim so also making money online entails the use of certain skills and tools to achieve success: Read Futher……

Steps To Make Money Online 2018

BUILD A WEBSITE: Wants to make money online without spending money online? then building a website is the first and the best option to look into. Many of you have the awareness that you can make money online from your website i guess it’s not new to you, but the issue of how to build the website becomes a problem as many informations dismantled has made even creating a website to be more tedious and very difficult to handle than it aught to be.

Creating a website is something as easy as ABC unlike before when you need to learn CSS , HTML and the likes but now the arrival of many WAP builders has done it all. so stay calm and feel like it’s done.

Making money online from your website:Let take this site as a case of study 9jabaze now known to be I can still remember very well when I was in secondary school, I downloaded many games, videos and music from and that count them visitor.

There are many other example like iroko tv, ibakatv and they offer videos online.

Now before you set up a site like any of the above ask your self what am I good at if you are good in writing articles then search for things people search on the web everyday, you may be getting information from any body you know his./her ideas can change the whole world for example we have Akpos, in Nigeria, Twyse also and other comedian also, there are many websites for only akpos joke.

It will be very nice if you can be updating aother person idea online. You can build a celebrity news site this is very nice since you don’t type too much, such entails copy and paste and re-editing Actually also do the same thing by re-editing videos in their name after discussion with the owner.ACTUALLY THEY DON’T ALLOW COPYWRITE|||

There are many things you can blog about e.g Health tips, Internet tips and Tricks, School News, Expo and exam RunsTech and Gadgets, Tutorial blog e.g ( and others

Steps Required to Create Your own Website

Your Email First: Before you start anything online you must first of all create an official email address where you receive your confidential mails at all time.

Email messages is the way through which many online platforms if not all will reach you either for account verification or just passing information through newsletters. There are many email creators such as yahoomail , Naijmail , etc but i will recommend you create Gmail because it’s fast and reliable.You can register a new Gmail at Http:// but if you already have one then continue reading

Let assume you have decided on what you want to blog about. To create your website and start blogging read the below info carefully.

BUY A DOMAIN NAME AND HOSTING: Now after you have deicide on what you can be offering people online, then you are ready for this step. You need a domain name where you are going to be advertising on.

As a beginner you need to buy web hosting and domain name from domainking Nigeria As they are very cheap and reliable. I know you might still be confused about what hosting and domain name means please read from below links for a better understanding.

What is the meaning of Web Hosting according to WikiPedia?

What is the Meaning of a domain Name?

Advantages of paid Hosting Vs Free Hosting

Having Read all of the above, i strongly believe you can now tel the meaning of any of the above. Now after getting your domain and web hosting the next thing is to install WordPress and start blogging.the whole process to create a self hosted WordPress website has been written here

If You don’t want to create a WordPress website maybe because you don’t have start up capital or for some reasons best known to you then you should consider using Blogspot web design platform in making your website I have also written abouthow to create blogspot website here

Blogspot and WordPress which one is the best host?

How to Make Money Online with or without a website 2018

even from the first day the internet starts to exist there has been several ways to make money online but today am going to show you some few legit ways to make money online In 2018 wither with or without a website provided it’s online:

CREATE A WEBSITE: One of the best and the easiest method to make money online is creating your own website. Most of the people making millions online are website owners you can create a self hosted WordPress website or a blogspot free website from the above listed description of how to create a website.

MONETIZE YOUR WEBSITE: Before you can monetize your /website/blog do you have enough post on your blog that will attract more people to your site. If you have this then You can apply for Google AdSense and start displaying Google ads on your site while you earn per clicks and impressions etc….
Apart from Google AdSense, there are still some alternetves to Google AdSense

JOIN AFFILIATE PROGRAME: Affiliate program is also another great ways of making money online if you can do it well. Affiliate program is just about picking peoples products and selling them online while you get commission for every successful sale. I have explained that in detail in one of my recent article here

Affilate Program to join:

  • Konga Affilate program(
  • Jumia affiliate program
  • Jiji affiliate program
  • Amazon affilate is the number one
  • Wordsteam, ClickBank and many more

SELL E-BOOK ONLINE: You can make over $500 dollars per month from selling e-books. if you are good in writing books you can sell books online at and amazon, ebay and also You may be thinking of how to create an e-book.

There are many motivational books out there you can just read and make yours by taking out from them. Ok if you are not good in writing you can hire any body that can with a commission of either 10% to 30% of your income per book to the writer BUT IMMIDIATELY AFTER SERVICE DON’T BE SO SELFISH. The first book i made was sold at $5 in amazon after which i have sold many copied from other market places.

OFFER SERVICES: Like I have said earlier if you are good in anything, offer the services, like me I design websites, rank site on search engines and also rank keywords on the web. Just anything you can do well that others can’t do, it can be anything at all. If you want me to offer you service you can email me

ADVERTISE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: You can advertise on social media also like facebook also from the affiliate program.

MAKE MONEY WITH SHORT Links: You can start earning with url shorteners e.g, and the likes without investing any dime. If you are a Nigerian and you want to get paid in Naira sharing links online Click here

SELL THINGS ONLINE:This is the right time to sell things you are not using, Just take the pictures and upload it in your site and start from one place.. Check here for Where you can sell things online.

I think with all this little stuffs you can easily make money online without stress, if only you can put in some action. if you have any questions put it in the comment box and I am going to reply within 48 Hours…

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