How To Increase The Domain Authority (DA) Of Your Blog In 5 Easy Steps

One of the seo tactics of optimizing blog contents, is to post on a domain name that has high number of DA. And you’ll probably always hear from experts that ”to have domain name that has been around for a while, is better than a new one”.

The starter guide to domain authority

Google likes website that are trustworthy, and if you already read my past post on how to Increase your google ranking immediately after published. You will have come across domain authority words there.

Firstly before I go into the real deeds, I will want to let you know the usefulness of increasing your domain authority.

Take Note: Any where you find DA, it means domain authority. So watch.

Now having a website with high DA, is of great advantage. Ranking and taking the place of many bloggers requires dealing with a high DA score blog. Like I always say to all my friends, that they should stop leaving a blog domain name and starting another one. You don’t know that google and other search engines respect website that has been around for a while. Most of the times you see some sites taking the the place of the first page of google. You’ll discover that those site has been created for a long time.
Like now, I wander how a new blog want to outrank, or moz, Neil Patel, backlinko and others.

Their domain authority is very high, and they are publishing a well engaging contents to their sites.

Quick Sprout also is one of the example that I must fish out, they all have quality and refreshing contents weekly. and even, moz don’t lag much time before updating their website.

Our concern and points is not to that, I am just trying to give you some little insight.

However, all domain authority matters a lot and mostly when you are trying to outrank some websites. So you need to setup a goal for yourself and for your site. That Is why, most time I do usually ask people to buy a expired site with a commendable authority. Although, the site that you are reading from is not well established interns of DA, but with time and all my seo knowledges,. It will drastically push up.

increase domain name authority

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What is Domain Authority, How to  increase your domain authority.

Well, likewise I told you earlier. A domain authority is the score of your blog, and it really determines how fast your site is slightly to rank on serp. Meaning, Search Engines Result Page.
Website domains are arrange discendengly the way there website DA I. Though there are some that can out rank authority site with 1 DA. That is why keyboard researching is really good.
Domain Name Authority determine show faster your site will rank.

Let’s get to some of the main benefits of having a high DA blog.

You will get more organic search engine traffic from Google. Just look at the sites listed at the top of the search results for any popular keyword search: they all have a high domain authority score.

Advertisers will pay you more to place ads on your website. You’ll get more offers for paid content placements and text/banner ads if you have a high DA.
When you have a high DA score, you will get more guest posts requests. The benefit of this being that you’ll get high quality content from guest authors who want to gain exposure from your blog.
As you can see, it is very important to have a high DA score if you want to get search engine traffic. So how do you increase your the domain authority of your blog? Read on to find out.

Factors That Influence Domain Authority


1. On website Factors

Many people suppose that Domain Authority is all concerning obtaining a lot of backlinks. whereas it will play an oversized role, there square measure alternative factors that you just shouldn’t ignore. one among these factors is on-site optimizations.

You should make sure that your blog includes a clean website structure. this implies that it ought to be user friendly, contain classes and may be simple to navigate, each for your guests and for the program crawlers from search engines.


  • Search engines love links, thus use them throughout your blog posts to link to alternative relevant content you’ve produced before. Keep it
  • Create a sitemap (use the Google XML Sitemaps plugin) to create it simple for Google to seek out all of your pages.
  • Make sure your blog is optimized for speed. quick websites rank higher and friendlier to the top user.
  • Keep your permalinks short. you’ll try this by removing stop words. thus rather than a URL slug that says ‘how-to-write-a-blog-post-fast’, you ought to amendment it to ‘write-blog-post-fast’. Keep it to three to four keywords scoop.
    Add a ‘recent posts’ section on your sidebar or footer to make sure your latest links square measure noticed and indexed quickly.

2. Produce Quality Content

Getting links is a very important think about increasing your DA, The key to attracting prime quality backlinks is to form prime quality content that is always being shared.

This doesn’t simply mean making content that includes a high word count. you’ll have a brief article be thought of nice if you’re providing new data or valuable insight.

What else is quality content? Infographics! Infographics square measure an excellent example of what’s known as link-bait. alternative web loggers like to share infographics on their blog and guests like to share infographics on their social media channels.

When you write content, don’t write general subjects like ‘how to wash a dog’. Instead, write one thing distinctive like ‘how to properly shampoo the fur of a bichon frise’. This ensures you’re making one thing utterly distinctive which you have got one thing unaccustomed add.

Another plan for content aside from infographics square measure list posts. These kinds of posts square measure simple and fast to scan, which suggests you’ll get a lot of eyeballs on your content.

You can conjointly interview a accepted web logger in your niche for your blog. By doing thus, he/she might then promote the interview on their web log and you get a valuable backlink.

3. Social Media Sharing

It’s not enough to form prime quality content, you would like to urge this content shared by the community too. an element to extend domain authority has a social media presence.

Create profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. you’ll conjointly strive Google+ and Instagram whereas you’re at it. Use knowledgeable style that’s in line with the theme of your web log. Then add links to your social media channels on your web log.

With an honest social media strategy, you’ll be able to get your content seen by the correct people that can share your content to their audience.

When alternative authority figures in your niche share your content, it tells Google that your content is trustworthy and of high worth.

In order to draw in retweets or facebook shares of your blog posts, you would like to conjointly share the content of others. Stroke their ego, promote them on your social media channels so anticipate them to come the favor.

4. amount And Quality Of Backlinks

The biggest think about determinant your Domain Authority is backlinks. what number completely different websites link to your blog posts? The a lot of links you have got the upper your domain authority are going to be.

But it’s not simply the amount that matters, it’s the standard too. you would like to draw in links from bloggers in your niche. Preferably, from high authority bloggers United Nations agency square measure leaders in your niche. One sensible backlink is price over one hundred caliber links from extraneous blogs.

A great manner of getting backlinks is by guest blogging. once you guest g, you’re providing content to a different blogger in exchange for a link back to your web site – a win-win for everybody.

A good guest blogging campaign can target high domain authority blogs and in person email them together with your personalized pitch.

5. User Engagement On Your Blogs Contents

If your blog approved is ranking well in Google, then naturally you may have a high domain authority. thus one among the ways in which of obtaining an honest DA score is by having your web site rank in Google.

There square measure incalculable ways in which to urge a lot of program traffic, from page speed to prime quality content to links. however otherwise is by having a coffee bounce rate and time spent on the positioning.

The exit activity on your blog may be a ranking think about Google’s algorithmic rule. Google definitely analyzes your content, however however will it shrewdness valuable it is? Well, if guests square measure progressing to your blog and touch the rear button to travel back to the search results, then your content isn’t sticky enough.

Log into Google Analytics and see your bounce rate. Is it over 35%? If thus, you would like to form content that produces guests stick around and visit alternative pages of your web log. you furthermore mght got to guarantee your style encourages a lot of clicks.

To keep guests clicking through to alternative pages of your blog, you would like to feature relevant links among the content of your posts.

To keep guests on your website longer, you would like to form astonishingly nice content that includes not simply text however pictures and video further.

If you are doing the items I’ve make note of it in this post, Google can think about you as a sure authority domain and as a result your Domain Authority can increase too.

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Now, you’re done with how to increase your domain authority. Kindly tell others to read, by sharing to social medias.


Also remember to comment your question and review here. Good day!!!

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  2. So interesting… I thought that to have high DA, I must have alot of backlinks but I noticed that I got just two backlinks from two big websites in Nigeria and my 3 months old blog has 24 DA…. But on my one year old blog with 19 backlinks, I have less than 10 DA…
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