Get Adsense Approval Fast: (Tricks That Works Out)

hello friends, do you want to know how to get Google Adsense approval using blogging tricks. So today’s article will basically let you know the secret tricks of getting your site approved easily from Adsense, and so now you will be happily happy of making money from adsense without facing any stress. Have you get to know that adsense is the most easy and best way publishers and mostly bloggers make’s money online.

Now we have to let you now know the content base part of this article and so you will enjoy the post.

Get Google AdSense Fast Approval

 Make Money Online Through AdSense: Get Fast Approval From Adsense Right Away

Now let us get started by giving out the full manual directories of how this content goes and what you should be expecting to know after reading to the end of this article.
But never-mind, take off your eye from you are about to learn and read the full content from the beginning to the end., And make sure you apply all what i will be giving out here ,if you know and want to get your site/blog approved easily from adsense.


But before i jump into the real essay, let me first introduce you to what the tittle “adsense” means, and how it takes part in the blogging arena. Let me also give you the idea of how it works and how they make’s their money.

You need to know, if you don’t how adsense works before.. You may be new to blogging or old, but yet you still need to understand the basics step of AdSense relate An advertiser to a publisher.

You will also need to know how the connection between adwords and adsense come into blogging and how they benefit both the advertiser and the publishers.

You also need to know their TOS, so you won’t be surprise at their sudden actions or and also how tricky they are when you want to prove wise.

How does adsense works

Well as you have all know with either the few information to adsense and blogging in this article, or any where else. You should come across the knowledge that , “adsense is for ways bloggers make money online”. this is the first thing that drive most people into blogging, they all know that blogging is for making money online but some surety know that adsense is a contextual ads network to make money from blogging and some novice believes that making money through a website is from the megabyte you exhaust during the visitors surf on the your blog..

What Are We Discussing; How To Get Google Adsense  Approval Using Blogging Tricks

Okay you have to know the idea of what google adsense really means and you must be well grounded to how adsense works. And if you know that you are knowledgeable to the operations of adsense and you are only here for how to get adsense approval with easy steps, then jump to the next step.please. This is just for those that have no idea of what adsense is, and how related to the advertisers.


Adsense is a contextual ads network created and endorsed by the god of the Internet “GOOGLE” as you all know by the name “:Google Adsense:” it is clearly and conspicuous that adsense has a prefix google which signifies that google is the owner of that adsesne.

How Does Adsense Make Their Money

Google adsense makes money from advertisers through a platform that was founded by the same Mr. Google.
They works in two way, advertisers use google adwords while publishers use google adsense. Hope am clear, but you can also use google adwords for boosting your blog traffic.

Google Adwords:
Google Adword is a nest for advertisers to boost their traffics and also for e-commerce website to boost their sales,. Now Google adwords is just like the connection between a publisher(blogger, promoter) and a advertisers (Product Companies).

Now you should have know now that adwords is the extension from a advertisers to a publisher or the intermediary between a promoter and a advertisers.

Get Google AdSense Fast Approval

How Does Adwords Works

Adwords work like, for example me which i am a company holder, you ( you are a blogger or a promoter) and a friend (adword) which is the intermediary.


Ok so i represent a company holder go to your friend to promote my website and get more sales, and so your friend is not a promoter but he knows a promoter which is you.
Then i pay your friend 100% of the agreed price, then you meet up with your friend if he or she has any job for you to promote.


So now, there will be a agreed commission between you and your friend but i know nothing about you and also you know nothing about the amount of money i gave to your friend.
and so your friend needs to scale you on an agreement that , ” i will be giving you 0.00000% per referral you bring to this man shop or website and also you only be paid per the number of real customers you bring to my place.


In a nut shell and as i have explained up there, “this is how adwords works.”
Take this definition to your brain, Adwords is an avenue for a company holder to reach up to google and bloggers (publishers) are those that comes to google to promote the contents of advertisers through adsense..


Hope you now understand the point i am driving at here.


Also know that there are some rules you will need to follow if you really want to enjoy the goodness in adsense.


So here are the site requirement yo need to have accomplished before you can leverage adsense into your blog.


The Requirement For Adsense Approval

Now since you are now filled with how adsense and adwords works, and the real topic tittle is based on getting fast approval. I wouldn’t need to spend more explanation on that. all i need now is to take you to the free guide on how to get adsense to your blog easily without encountering any stress.


1. Matured Blog: Due to the nature of those advertisers from google that are always looking goog and professional. They need and they will also be happy when they see thier company advert on website that are great and matured.


For their specialist to agree to be placing live adverts on your blog, you must need to build up a very commendable website/blog that people will be happy at when viewing your contents.
You must make sure that you build up your website/blog to your satisfaction and to others satisfactions also.


You don’t need to stress yourself much on how to get a matured website, because there are alot of contents right there on google that will teach you on how to create a professional website/blogs.


If you can make search of the keyword “how to build up a professional website” on google you will surely see a free guide and the best guide for building a professional website. and if you are a busy type, and you don’t have time for all that work. you can easily reach me at the hire me page so i can get that done for you without going through any stress.


Small Tips to build up a very matured website:

  • Get a site logo: To really your website run well and have the best outlook on mobile, system and tablets, and also to give your website a sign board, you need to look for a very mobile and color friendly logo.
    A site logo is just like a sigh board and even some of your visitors might only remember the tag line on your logo if they want to come back for more update. Your logo might be the easy flash back of your site, if you use your site url as the logo. it is advisable to use your site url for a site logo of really want a returning visitors.
    Make sure you write boldly your site url on your logo like the one on my site… scroll up and check it there.


  • Easy Navigating Site: Now again, do you know if your site lack a easy navigation your visitors might lost in your site and don’t even know where to return to. And more so if your blog lacks a good navigation, your visitors won’t be able to find the exact contents they are looking for on your website.


In case they came back to your site and you have published a lots of content, now there are some things that you must put on your site that will make them to easily find the content they are looking for. Like you can just use a categories to classify them., and more so make sure that your categories is label “Quick Navigation” for better understanding. also put your navigations in an easy to see place on your blog.


For example, if your visitors is reading on how to make money only from your website, the topic should either have a breadcrumb or a category where it will be very bold at the top of your blog.

You must make sure that you provide a clear and nice navigation that will be esily viewed by a mobile devise and also systems. But it is advisable to make sure your website is a mobile friendly site.

I will emphasize on this also in this article.

  • Make Your Blog A Mobile Friendly Site: Sometimes i had a friend which i know from a whatsapp group and he was the one that was teaching the group on how to increase your adsense earnings. In a nut shell, i asked him to give me his website url so i can visit and learn new things from him.


On getting to the site, i noticed that his website is not mobile friendly and i ask him his traffic. but it was pretty low only if he promote his contents on social medias.
And the only reason he is loosing traffics is because his website is not a mobile friendly website, and so he his loosing returning visitors.
I told him , and he corrected himself and after a month, . he started getting a lot of comment and returning traffics,. due to the awesome design of the site. you can see, i affected a life positively.


  • Get A Nice Blog Design: Now do you know that the first impression is the last impression. Even in some cases, some people come back to site just because of the awesomeness on the blog design.
    You can search on google on how to design a site and make it professional. as i have said earlier-on.


What are matured website
That is what i have just explained up there.




Insufficient Content

Do you some times when professional bloggers or expert bloggers, get to your landing page and found out that your landing page consist of a very few contents. They will take the owner of the website as a novice or un-serious blogger.
and now if your website looks like a novice or an armature website, it won’t be as much impressive to those that want to view your website expect it to be.

Short contents also shows that the person is not well experience in that field. and also your contents won’t be as much teaching compare to a well written and long tail content. You can just take nail patel as a case of study, he make sure and take his time to write a very long content. If you get to his four blogs, you can find a short content their, and you always see bunches of comment on his site.

Long content also helps to drive organic traffics to blog. if you don’t know anything about organic traffic you can refer to the homepage and read my landing page.
There you will found out my contents and also see how effectively and lengthy it is.
Sometimes people will tell you to write a very short contents because visitor will want to come back cause your contents is easy to read.

Okay fine, they will come back to read more because it is very short. but take a look at this, long content brings organic traffics to blog and also give the full tutorial of what you are writing.

Blog Structure


The second most considerable things that comes to the mind of adsense specialist is how your blog structure is arranged.


Likewise as i said earlier, if your blog design is well arranged. They will even approve it straight without checking your contents, either appropriate or long well arranged..e.t.c.

They wont even focus on others again since your website is very friendly in terms of design.
Even your audience will be happy at you, also they will want to come back, to check your bog design.

Their are some times i visited schoolforum to make sure my blog design looks exactly like the way he arranged it.
If you make sure your design is well arranged and designed properly, you will find favor in the site of those that want to view your blog URL.


Profiting Blogging Niche


Now another considering thing they make sure they look for is “is your blogging niche considerable,” is it making impact on the first visitors that check your site.?? If you have being disapproved before, check out the message they sent to you very well.


They said, relevant contents, You must make sure your website has contents that if a visitor get to your site the first time, they will have cause to revisit your site again. because your website offer value to user.


Now you might be thinking this, or it has being pooping in your mind that “which contents offer value to users” now there are a lot contents that offer value to users.


This contents are:

  • Health and Nutrition Blogging Niche:
  • Insurance Blogging Niche:
  • Download able Website Blogging Niche:
  • Fashion Blogging Niche:
  • Make Money Online Blogging Niche:
  • Bulk SMS Blogging Niche:
  • Food And Nutrition Blogging Niche:
  • Blogging Tutorials Blogging Niche:

So now let me start explaining them one after the other.

Health Blogging Niche: This blogging niche do offer value to users, it is one of the most profiting blogging niche best to start on. If you have ever search on blogging niche to start blogging on, you will find it out to be lucrative and even among the first list you will be given,.
According to, he explained that health is one of the most niche that has high readers from all over the world.


He said the niche is what he can put his hand on chest and affirm the best, he said it is niche he can advise someone or new bloggers to start publishing contents on.

Insurance Blogging Niche: One of the highest paying niche from google adsesne is insurance blogging niche.


it is the best to start publishing contents on if you truly want to make huge money from blogging.


You can make as mush as $120 from one click in this niche, if you make research on the topic keywords you want to be writing on. or you want to start publishing contents on.
as said by me, you can make as much as $10,000 in a month if you make a very nice keyword research with semrush.


Make sure you have fine a website that they usually write on insurance content and view the report of that site.


After you have done that, you can refer to the homepage where you will find “how to increase your adsesne CPCs” or better still, save all the content that you find to be more expensive and start to write (publish contents on it)


Download able Website Blogging Niche: Do you know that the amount of money paid by the advertisers to google adwords always determines the amount of cpc you will always have on one click from the advert.


Now this website always provide more money to promote their contents on google adwords,. But the only thing is that , you need to have a good hosting if you want to start this blogging niche.

Advertisers pay much to download their contents.

Now You can writing on this profiting and lucrative blogging niche and make huge money from it.
let us move to the next one please. are you enjoying it, yes i guess… okay leave a comment and appreciate my work here.

We are still on this matter, so don’t think i am through yet.


Fashion Blogging Niche: Wow, apart from how much the cpcs on this blogging niche is, . it is very easy for bloggers to make more money from this blogging niche through affiliate links.
You can also make more money by selling products to your viewers.But the only flaws in this blogging niche is that, you might not be able to run it fluently if you don’t have any experience in fashion.

i only recommend those that are well experience in this field before so that it will be very easy for you to write contents on.


Make Money Online Blogging Niche: This blogging niche is also advantageous and you can also make money from any affiliate link you like. You can check “” and see how this crazy blogger is making huge money from his blog. His name is Ifiokobong Ibanga.

The CEO of makemoneyonline, and \
He also have many blogs but i can only mentioned the one i know for now, cause i think he is now setting up a tech niche blog.


And also this niche have the tendency of getting popular due to the fact that their are many people that always love to read on how to make money online.


So now, let get started and you will also make money from blogging. even you will always get know and have more exposure in the bloggers arena.


Bulk SMS Blogging Niche: WOW, we finally get there. This blogging niche is a very lucrative blogging niche that you don’t even need to running for adsense. But you will make huge money from bulk sms through google adsense anyway.


Oya, read this one How register a free domain name and get a almost free hosting from website

Food And Nutrition Blogging Niche: Now this is also a blogging niche recommended by Neil Patel to make $100,000 a month from without google adsense and with google adsense also.


Blogging Tutorials Blogging Niche: This is another blogging niche that always attract google adsense advertisers.


They will tends to approve your blog if you fall in all this listed blogging niche. You will also be known in the bloggers community. Almost all bloggers try to search for contents on Google for better understanding.


and if they get to your site and found out that your contents is helping. they will want to leave an out standing contents and come back for more.

They will subscribe so they won’t miss your next article.


What Google AdSense Hate The Most


  • In-appropriate Contents: There are some contents that don’t suit adsense guideline and their terms and conditions. This is the most warning which you will always find out bold from
  • Here are the contents you shouldn’t endeavor to start blogging on.
    Adult Related Contents: To stay clean and commendable by adsense specialist, you should try and make sure you don’t your blogging on this niche. There are somethings that could let you to start blogging on this types of niches. Like (traffics)

this blogging niche always get the most traffics from google. they have at least 100,000,000 unique visitors from this type of niche.
But don’t look at that, just make sure that you are clean and do follow the guidelines of adsense., so you won’t cry later.


  • Gaming Site

Illegal Drug Dealing Site: This blogging niche is what you must have being seeing on television stations, that always tell young people to do stay away from this kind of strong medicines.So what next, after i am done with all this

  • Write Long Words
  • Get Good Traffics From Google
  • Make Your blog design commendable
  • Use Bulleting On Your Blog Posts
  • Always Use Images On Your Site Contents For Better User Experience
  • Make Your Blog Easy To Navigate
  • Make Sure You Start Blogging That Offer Users Value And Will Make Them To Come Back For More Helping Contents.
  • Build Your Website To Be Profession, You Can Hire Me
  • Get A Good Hosting So You Won’t Have Problem When They Are Viewing Your Website/Blog.
  • Buy A Custom Domain Name



Submit Your Site To Google AdSense

Now it is time to submit your site to google adsense
consider this and get approved

Remove Other banners in your site: Google AdSense Don’t like seeing other ads network in your blog when they are viewing it. So make sure that you remove every affiliate links and banners on your site before submission.

Get the adsense code and put it in your site: Now this is the most place where many bloggers forfeit, and they don’t know that this only can let them to reject your application. Make sure you put the adsense code immediately after the in the in html section of your blog. They will always ell you to put it in between the tags, but i tell you. this won’t work and could get your application dis-approved.


Now Wait For 3 days the maximum for review and approval.


Also there is one more trick to apply if you want your website to be approved instantly, no second review. You will get your application approved immediately.

Secret Tips To Get Your AdSense Account Approved Instantly


Here are the secret tips to get your adsense account approved the same day.

Change Your Location To Uk Or USA
Get A New Gmail Account
Sign Up And Get Approved

Enjoy your money and make huge and better money on-line….. Hurray you are almost done with this strong article

Let me just explain this and for you

Do you know that google adsense respect countries that are very trusted and secure: most of this other country can use every possible means to make money online, but when it come to this two listed countries. You will be trusted and secure.

You Know what, just download a new opera mini to your system,/. i mean the latest opera-mini and change your VPN.


After that, sigh up for a new gmail account and without your country number or better still. You can just sigh up for

Then sign up with your location changed to UK or USA. After then, just wait for the next 7-6 hours for your application to be approved.

And also for those that haven’t get their blog to be in accordance to the one i listed up there. I mean the lucrative blogging niches.

So for you, you can just create a new free blog that is health or insurance blogging niche.

Then goto enzinearticles to get a free article and re write it with a free re write tools.

You can search for that on google, i have already tried ti expose many things for you here. so do that your self.

Then get a custom domain name or get a free .tk, .ml, .ga at

Sign up, then you are done.

God bless you, i know by now you could have Get the full guide on how to get Google Adsense approval Using blogging tricks.  Thanks for reading my lengthy article. God bless your hustle.
and do make sure that you shear your adsense experience via the comment box so we can all learn from you,. have a blessed day. and also if you have any additions to this or you have any corrections or comment. Use the comment box and i’ll answer you almost immediately.

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