Best Blogging Niche: The Best Lucrative Blogging idea You should go for in 2018

best blogging niche


Choose the best blogging niche Hello friends on how to choose the best blog niches that will make you huge money right from the start.

How To Choose The Best Blogging Niche

Stay cool right here, where I will be giving all the details out step by step. Though it might be long, boring but it is engaging and it is also what you need in this 2018 to rank above poverty.


Sometimes, you ,might have heard that blogging is not a get rich quick business, but a step by step procedure to make money. Then I ask from the group, which work is now a get rich quick oh.

Read More On How To Start A Successful Blogging

If you have also being discouraged by all this messages, don’t worry, they just want to get rid of your passion to greatness. They don’t want you to start earnings much online.

best blogging niche

Which are the best business online if blogging is not the one.


Freelancer: Yes some will tell you to look out for website owners and start asking for job  from them. Nope!!!, you can’t just get started with them like that.

No one will just want to accept you like that for contributing, if you don’t have any proves that you are a professional writer.


Some and mostly all will want to ask for your site for verification of the service they want to offer to you,. Don’t Be deceived, all business can ,make you rich if you focus on the right strategy.


What are their things you need to know before you can decide to be successful in any business


If you want to be successful in any business in this life, there are some certain things you need to have or know before you can explore the riches like others doing it.


So, now I will be taking my time to list you those things you must know before succeeding any online business.

Now, her are the list


Coach: Firastly, there is a saying I heard when I was still much into education stuffs. My lecturer alwasy say, if you can stand on the shoulder of those thast have gone far. You will see beyond them.


You can also evaluate the quote yourself and check it well, you can’t just start from somewhere you don’t know the whereabout.


There must be e tutor for you to be looking at and alwasy asking for help.


I will be glad if you can take your time to read a short story of mine in blogging.


I started blogging back then In 2012-2014, then I know nothing much about blogging. So I started a blog on physics and mathematics tutorials. Then my  thought is of creating a site where I will be coaching and be tutoring young students in mathematics and physics. But then I knew nothing about blogging. I don’t even here the name “blog” before.

However, I went for a free wordpress site and started with a free site.


I registered then.


Which I told you that I knew nothing about, until my brother now told my about blogger. Then I was amazed, I really love the design of his blog then. Pottershares. I was furiuose to dump the wordpress fot the blogger.


Never mind, taking much of your time. I just want to let you know the benefits of getting a coach before you can be thinking of starting any online or offline business.


So then, I thought as much to equip myself with this amazing new software , Which is


Then, I created mrbarnkblog. But then I have been admitted to a university. SO then I have no time of creating any content again. To do that was very tedious. It was cumbersome that I couldn’t even write 300 words.


So, I ventured into news and entertainment blog.


I started from scratch, because I have no author then. So I need to decide on any niche I feel like going into.


So, I started like that. Until a friend of mine, which I meet in the library told me that I can make money from the blog like that.




I feel also to do so, so I always wanted to be like him. Anyway, I like avoiding me, but I presured him till we see no more.


By then, I started making a lot of research, then I meet ogbongeblog. Which I though he was a young blogger, but I read a lot of tutorials from him then. I started myself and look for cheap web hosting companies.


Though at first, it was AdSense that pushed me into all this,. I am downed when I started getting a disapproval messages from them. So, I decided to make researches on how to get fast approval from google adsense. So by after I read from shoutmeloud on how to get fast approval from google adsense. , I thought it would have been approved If I hard gotten a custom domain name. So again, I started a gain with my rugged life.


I want to develop my money from this. By then, I started having passion for blogging.


My passion started growing to be a professional blogger.


I really love to be blogger like neilpatel, buzzsuma, moz, shoutmelaod, makemoneyonline, moneyhomeblog,, and mostly this great blogger.

Writing this article.

So after I hard made a lot of mistakes, after getting a CCTLD which is not good for proper SEO, I started running for another blog again. I created a new one, thereafter I created about six of it type which I had make no single penny from them. If I should start to list them out. You will be amazed.


SO now, I learn t about


Profitable blogging niche By

Search Engines Optimization Tactics By NeilPatel.

Keyword Research from Backlinko

Ranking Tactics By Moz rank.

Blog design by Ogbongeblog (Jide Ogunsanya)

Makemoneyonline by Ifiokobong inbanga

Motivation with lengthy post from (though the site is down for now)

Keyword Ranking Beast From but trhoughlly from

Fast approval from google adsense from

Copyrighting from Kennedy Prosper


Anyway, since I now know all this things up there. I think I should now start my own professional blog.


And by then I started a blog and I really make huge money from the blog, but you know what. I just bought a brand domain name. So I need to leave it and look for a new domain name that is untouched.


Now, I started this blog, today. And fell like making huge money from it.


Why would I make money from



I focus on lucrative blogging niche

High AM well grounded about seo and keyword research

I now have google adsense on my blog

I know how to monetize my blog without adsense

I know how to compose a pdf and write reasonable contents there.

I Know how to make huge money from affiliate marketing


I knew all because of what? I already choose my author for all my various topics.

Thanks for ready by with me, I rwally appreciate your time to stay here and read how I started a lucrative and best blogging niche.


What are the most luctrative blogging to do


Blogging tutorial

Make money online



The most important one is the law, it has high paying commission like….


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