3 most effective way to make money from blogging

Hello you.
I am here with another mind blowing post which will definitely change your thinking to blogging. Stay focus as you read The 3 most effective way to make money from blogging.

I think and it as also been on of the reason, or let me say the reason why we are blogging is because we want to make money online, and if also you can’t make money from your blog for a long time you will quit blogging.. Right??

Yea.. It true

It has come to the fact that if we don’t make money from one blog, we will leave it and create another one. It is true… yea…

Now let me start touching the topic afresh by listing out the 3 ways to make money from blogging… Before explanation…

I will list it out according to the volume of dollars they can fetch with ease..but before I go into that. I will like to let you know somethings you must know and implement before you can make money online….

1. Laptop…: most of us know this before , but not all do adhere to this, you must have a working system to make the work easier for you. So you will not be stress out and leave blogging. You can make money from blogging. It is true and legitimate.

2. Smart phone…: we have some smart phone users that love typing on phone than typing on a system, they are very fast on a mobile phone than that system typing. So if you are this type, continue using smart phone.
Also know that you must use supported browser like chrome for better experience…

3. A Internet connection…: If we should judge it they way we heard or see it.. “Make Money “” Online “”, you must know anything online must have a push up from a network.. You can also find a cheap data and smart phone at tellkiss.com.ng and also cheap data at  tellkiss.com

4. Small investment…: You might need some budgets for this online business, but this is not a much investment. It just a token money to buy a domain name and web hosting, you can also invest some money to create awareness online I.e to have more visitors… And also you must have Internet bundle to surf the Internet.

Now what are the 3 most effective way to make money from blogging.

1. Pay per click network
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Direct Advert

This three things I listed up there are the basic ways to make money blogging.
But the principal one is Google AdSense which is among the pay per click network.
Also Know that you can make the same amount from Alternative s To Google AdSense in Nigeria.

Let me now give you the full detail of what I  listed on this post.

1. Pay per click network…: Why many has been and still remains in this blogging world, is to make Money from a pay per click network.

They pay per the number of click you generate on the advert placed on your blog. You can know more on how google AdSense crawl website and place ads here

2. Affiliate marketing…: This require a lot of hustle before you can get make money from it, you will need to get the attention of your readers, you will need to let them become your costumer. You must get their attention and let them be familiar with that product..
Pros Affiliate: How does affiliate work
Affiliate marketing program which you will be entitled to product other companies  goods.
How do I get paid
You will be paid through the agreed commition of the product you are promoting. Like konga pays 9% of the fashion product you promote.
3. Direct advert: If you have huge traffic on your blog, people and also company will want to place advert on your blog.

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